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Round Dance Blues

Owners: Willow and Jetta Wood.

Round Dance Blues is a Native American owned and operated business specializing in Native made jewelry and accessories.

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RDB was founded in 2003 as a website dedicated to Randy Wood product and all things related to Native American pow-wow.

A primary mission of the RDB is to create a unique representation in the fashion industry and pow-wow trail, so we can bring greater recognition to Native made fashion. We are creating a much needed product where we emerge pow-wow fashions as a one stop shop. Through this shop, we create a space to bring Native American fashion to the forefront and to demonstrate that ‘Native fashion’ and ‘Native Pow-wow'’ is more than just a trend.

RDB officially launched in November 2004, it is Native American owned and operated. Our online store specializing in pow-wow dancers and infuses them with fashion, jewelry, and accessories. All items sold through this shop and it's Native made accessories are made and designed by one of our shop owners. We pick and represent a variety of styles, and price ranges.

RDB is updated frequently with new items, and through this shop, we hope to create what is in fashion, or start a new fashion trend to accommodate our buyers. As we have seen the recent mainstream fashion changing, these ideas and labels have been a focus of our creations. Now is the time to refocus the attention and re-establish our focus back to the Natives who wear Native fashion jewelry and accessories which you see at pow-wow's. Our earring are in demand, pow-wow dancers are always asking if we can accommodate our colors with their regalia.

Our Brand and Art work 

Our brand and accessories add a touch of pow-wow to any wardrobe, from purses, earrings, or T-shirts made by an in house Native designer who is inspired by traditional cultures and a touch of powwow.

All art work is copyright, and property of RDB. We do our own designs, i.e. earrings, logo, art work. This art work is extended to our Facebook, twitter, and all social media sites.

The shop has become an extension of Randy Wood official site and brand. It has steadily grown over the past ten years, thanks to his dedicated fans.  We have become a one-stop site which provides a space for people from all backgrounds to access Native made product and fashion, and also support our Native American designs. Products sold through the shop comprise of the following categories:

  •  STREETWEAR: Native American iconic t-shirts with cool representations of Native pow-wow dancers. Although inspired by the pow-wow scene, we also infuse a keen sense of pop culture into our designs.
  •  ACCESSORIES: Add a touch of culture to any wardrobe with purses, earrings, tote bags and bracelets made by our designer who incorporates traditional American Indian designs, contemporary powwow colors with  international styles. Our  Native American fashion, is creating unique designs breaking past the usual Native American accessories.
  •  POW-WOW MUSIC: Randy Wood’s music is one of our main highlighted music that we sell, we plan on expanding our selection so we can bring you into the pow-wow mood. 

Customer Comments

I love the earrings, I bought my family each a pair and we wear them when we dance at the pow-wow.

Teresa Bobby

I always love it when I'm led to a new page but this was more than a surprise. WOW.